The Elements of IDASTAXI

treqStart with our 4.3" diagonal display touch screen Mobile Data Terminal ("MDT") with Windows CE 6.0 and integrated GPS. The MDT supports OBD II, CAN, and serial data via IDAS protocol.



Add on a magnetic card reader with or without pin pad featuring Magnesafe V5 secure encryption technology connected via USB to the MDT for secure (credit card) and non-secure (driver identification) card data applications.


Now for communications. An ICOM F5061 2-way radio is connected to the MDT via RS232 DB25. Communications between radio and MDT are handled using the IDAS PC Command Set protocol API.


The ICOM repeater resides on top of your office building, or on a local radio tower. It receives and sends messages over IDAS to and from the taxi radio, and over IP for dispatch, directions, and optional back office applications for payment collection, driver and passenger logging, barcode scanning for inventory control and taxi meter fare calculation.

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