The PUSH TO TALK ORGANIZATION gets the message.

Disaster preparedness/ emergency planning is a multi-faceted beast to conquer.  Amateur radio "Ham" operators WB6SLC, WB6DYM, AF6HP, N6ENL, KF6FGA, N6ENL,  and others founded the PTT Organization.  We know how important it is to bring in all of the available resources when disaster strikes.

Here are some points to consider:

Push To Talk Digital Radio Systems have engineered-in failure hardening elements designed to overcome the issues outlined above.
Local professional 2-way radio technicians will meet with you to evaluate, design, install and maintain it to suit your exact needs.
Never pay for features you don't need and won't help you in emergency situations:

PTT radios are programmable to cross-connect into the local Amateur Radio "HAM" operators community for emergency preparedness, disaster recovery, etc. 

Communicating on the Amateur Radio channels requires a simple FCC license.  

Click Here.  7_c.gif  7_c.gif 7_c.gif 7_c.gif   American Radio Relay League for assistance with licensing.



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