The PUSH TO TALK ORGANIZATION network supports the Icom IDAS 6.25 KHz radio system protocol.

6.25 kHz Trunking Makes Migration Easy!

Trunking has long been the bedrock of land mobile radio. The de facto trunking standard, LTR, has allowed efficient channel management by sharing a small number of channels with a large number of users since the late 1970s.

The Icom Digital Advanced System (IDAS) catapults land mobile radio into the digital age, combining the channel allocation efficiency of trunking with the spectrum efficiency of 6.25 kHz channel spacing. IDAS Trunking is now an integral function in the F3161D/F4161D, F5061D/F6061D & FR5000/FR6000 series land mobile radios.

6.25 FDMA Digital Voice Repeater

Repeats FDMA digital voice signals at 6.25kHz

Repeats world-class analog signals at 12.5 or 25kHz

Combining legacy equipment with your new digital equipment? The 6.25 DVR can handle it. With 512 channel capacity and each channel individually PC programmable, this is a repeater your company can grow with!




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